ReInvented Tech
Sure-Fix Remodeling

An expanding business looking for a better way to connect with their customers online

Their Issue

Sure-Fix Remodeling had an outdated website, hosted with someone who didn't take the time to address issues that popped up

Their Solution

We created a new beautiful website that helped showcase their services to new customers.

- Grammar mistakes and business contact information were corrected, which lists them higher in search results -

- Instant increase in number of messages received, which equaled more jobs completed -

- Non-working hyperlinks were redirected to the correct pages -

- Easy access to update photos and content on their own -

Cause & Affect

­­An idea looking for direction before launching its app

Their Issue

­It was hard to explain their vision to others without something visual­ 

Their Solution

We created a very open website that was easy to navigate, which let the founders showcase their idea.

- Simple, elegant design which draws your attention to site -

- Responsive web design that looks great on mobile devices -

- Enabled the idea to start with a low budget to discover future growth -

- Easy access to post blog content on their own - 

Video Nuggets™

Entrepreneurs creating a new online video platform

Their Issue

Video Nuggets LLC, was starting from scratch and needed guidance along the way

Their Solution

We helped implement products that both looked great, and brought their vision to life

- Customized website design -

- Setup SEO and Analytics -

- Setup custom DNS entries and Email Forwarding settings -

- Logo and artwork design -

Our mission is to develop great looking websites that clearly communicates your services to the customers that you want to connect with.


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